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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my dumpster delivered?

We always recommend that you schedule the dumpster to be delivered at least one day prior to the start of your project.

What Is Allowed In My Construction Debris Dumpster?

This is a very important question that all customers must know the answer to. For full understanding, please refer to our Term of Use.

Redcloud Disposal dumpsters are for Construction and Demolition debris. Essentially, the common items found on a remodel or new construction jobsite are permitted with some exceptions such as liquids, paints, hazardous materials, tires, appliances, etc.

Please review and accept our Terms of Condition prior to reserving a dumpster.

Are Dumpsters Only For Contractors?

Absolutely not! You do not have be a professional trade to rent our containers. Anyone in need of debris hauling is welcome to book our containers.

What Is The Difference Between A Container, Dumpster, Bin, or Roll Off?

We can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in Redcloud Disposal’s world these words are totally interchangeable and all have the same meaning – a large red metal box used for hauling construction and demolition debris.

Why Redcloud Disposal?

We feel this is easy for us to address. There are a lot of dumpster companies, no doubt. Redcloud Disposal was founded by contractors who know the needs of a reliable and punctual roll off company. That is what Redcloud pursues all day, every day – reliable and punctual service to its customers. We deploy purpose-built technology on a streamlined fleet of modern trucks using a hook-lift system which allow for faster loading/unloading, more precise container placement, and safer operating conditions for our team.

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Standard Service Area is the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Region, including:

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